• They have arrive in Nepal and set the foundation for a new primary school alongside the local community

    14  UAE Base Volunteers  participate in Dubai Cares’ Volunteer Globally initiative

    A new Primary school is ready for the 150 out of school children in Nepal who is still recovering from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2015.

    With the initiative of the Fourteen UAE-based volunteers and the local community in Basauti village in Nepa they have built a a 3-classroom new primary school. The volunteers were involved in the construction work and assisted across the various stages including digging, lifting, pumping water, mixing concrete, reinforcing steel bars, and making and laying bricks. They also participated in cultural education workshops that allowed them to embed and immerse themselves within the local community for a rewarding experience.

    Prior to embarking on the school-building mission, the volunteers underwent a comprehensive briefing and sensitization program that introduced them to Nepal and the realities on the ground such as the socio-economic background of the communities they would interact with and an overview of the activities they would participate in as part of the school-building mission.