• For this season 6 beauty products are a must have for the Fancy evening Parties .

    DCL G20 Radiance Peel smooth away dead skin cells, control excess oil production and help to prevent breakouts.

    Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo the miracle hair hero absorbs product buildup, oil and impurities with translucent powder while soothing scalp and restoring hair strength and softness with a signature scent that stays all day.

    Slifty Device is a sleek, pocket-sized device that uses high-frequency vibrations to contour your face, smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness and firm skin

    Anivagene Eyelash Serum a treatment for thin and fragile lashes (the thing of nightmares), with a delicate formula to promote stronger, thicker and longer lashes

    Trevor Sorbie Smooth & Hydrate Nourishing Mask intensely nourishing mask smoothes dry, frizzy hair while adding a sleek, sultry shine

    Trevor Sorbie Tame & Define Firm Hold Curl Cream – this iconic curl cream for naturally curly hair will smooth and de-frizz even the most unmanageable of manes