• Eleven new fragrances that is inspired from The land that made it great: Tuscany, Italy

    The Collection is consist of eleven luxurious, artistic fragrances that are the essence of the Salvatore Ferragamo brand and Tuscany.

    The Tuscan Creation fragrances include:

     Rinascimento- Luxuriant. Passionate. Unforgettable

     Convivio- Joyful. Brilliant. Vibrant.

    Bianco di Carrara- Pure. Elegant. Timeless

    Punta Ala- Bright. Free. Fearless

    Calimala- Exciting. Luxurious. Charismatic

    Vendemmia-Warm. Intense. Authentic

    La Corte the - Noble. Sumptuous. Enlightened

    Testa di Moro- Intense. Mysterious. Deep

    Viola Essenziale- Delicate. Sophisticated. Enchanting

    Terra Rossa- Passionate. Mythical. Sensual

    and La Commedia- Hypnotic. Epic. Provocative


    Tuscany is the inspiration. The All-Italian names of each Eau de Parfum in the collection introduce stories giving off the essence of a land blessed by art and nature.