Green Is The New Black

BY: Sana Panjwani
Eco-friendly clothingis on the rise globallyand the UAE is hoton the trend. Hereare five brands youshould check out
As the sustainable movement gains speed, fashion consumers around the world are pushing the notion of ‘slow fashion’.

Like slow food, slow fashion focuses on good quality products as well promoting a level of fairness for both consumers and producers.

The fashion industry has become notorious for its unethical producing practices, prompting the rise of more environmentally-conscious consumers who demand their brand producers take into account human rights as well as being conscious of their environmental impact.

Check out these fve sustainable brands which are living up to movement:


Created in the UAE using elements ethically-sourced through the travels of its founder and head designer, Mimi Shakhashir, this brand has longstanding collaborations with a range of artisans and craftspeople in NGOs and creative collectives around the world, through which a sustainable source of family and community income is developed. None of the pieces sold online are created in factories, but designed, sourced and detailed by individuals in the Middle East, India, Thailand, Morocco and other destinations.

Where to buy: kaleidoscopebymimi.com


A leading force in the fashion industry, as well as a leader in luxury sustainable wear too, Stella McCartney was into eco-friendly clothing circa 2001 before sustainability was even a buzzword. The brand uses organic cotton wherever possible in its collections and is always looking for new ways to be more sustainable from research to design to even powering all its UK-based stores, offces and studios by wind energy.

Where to buy: stellamccartney.com or Mall of the Emirates, Dubai


Founded in 2014 by British-born fashion designer Andraya Farrag, Bedouin operates under a strong ethos of corporate and social responsibility. The ethos was inspired by the events witnessed frst-hand by Farrag in Bangalore which clearly laid out the potential horrors of outsourcing clothing production. The label aims to create clothing which lasts, embracing slow fashion over fast. To ensure the highest of ethical practices, Farrag works closely with her suppliers and traces each step to negate waste as much as possible such as working with Dubai-based artisans instead of outsourcing the production process.

Where to buy: bedouinstudios.com


H&M is a favourite of the UAE shopper, with branches dutifully present in almost every mall selling trendy, affordable clothing. Its recent turn towards sustainability came in 2017 with a collection launch in April. Featuring a premium, trend-driven collection, every piece is made from sustainable materials including a fabric called BIONIC – a polyester made of plastics recycled from shoreline waste. The collection is stocked in 160 stores worldwide.

Where to buy: hm.com or The Dubai Mall


Every collection here is handcrafted by local artisans around the world – including Morocco, Thailand, Palestine, and Uzbekistan – using traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces. It was established in 2013 and focuses on supporting local talents and creating new jobs in communities. The brand was born of a need to support and celebrate stitching communities, especially among women, by empowering them through work.

Where to buy: allthingsmochi.com


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