Rags To Riches
A group of Dubai women use their knitting and stitching skills to help the hungry children of the world. Oasis Living met with the founder Barbara Evans
Ramadan Around The World
The holy month is an important time for Muslims everywhere. Oasis Living looks at some different cultures and their own unique traditions when observing the occasion
Tastes Of Ramadan
Fancy an iftar out? Oasis Living has put together a list of some of the eclectic offerings around the capital and Dubai


With Demand Must Come Supply
Panel at the 2018 Arabian Travel Market discusses the facets of halal tourism Muslim...
Into The Fold
Crash of nearly-extinct Southern Rhinoceroses grows as a calf was recently given...
A Touch Of Magic
New gaming app allows fans to step into the world of Harry Potter 1997 saw...
Down To Chit Chat
The UAE's frst local messenger launches An all-in-one package, Flochat is...
Paving Ways
UAE-specifc navigation app launched The Ministry of Climate Change and...
Bridging Gaps
Arab World Institute named 2018's Cultural Personality of the Year The Sheikh...






As I have seen in the news lately the Queen Elizabeth 2 is now a hotel in Dubai, I was wondering if you have any plans to share with us an insider feature to see what she's all about?

As I always look forward to your hotel stay reviews that you do at this time of year, I think this would be a great read as I'm sure I'm not the only curious one out there. Can't wait to see what you have to say about it
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