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Transformation happens not when you wait for the whole world to revolt, but when one individual turns their thoughts into actions.

At present, I am a high school student and I proudly represent my school by being an Eco-Club leader. My team members and I promised ourselves to plant a new sapling every week, and since the beginning of 2018 we have planted nearly ffteen saplings in school. Plus, I have planted three new saplings in my home garden.

At the end of every month, we collect waste papers, old books, clothes, and shoes for donation. This is why we were happy to read your article, The Path to Ethical Living (June), which is currently pinned to our class bulletin board. It’s also a topic of the month, being discussed in great detail and gave us many news ideas and suggestions to try.

This is why I love reading Oasis Living as it always comes up with 'think out of box' articles.
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