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» I enjoyed reading your Going Places this month - Where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic. Cape Town certainly sounds like it has much to offer tourists and I for one am now planning a trip there, on the back of your article! [more]
» My family members and I really feel so blessed to live in the City of Al Ain and are lucky to have the opportunity through your magazine to expressing our views regarding this wonderful place! [more]
» Thank you so much for helping to bring the wonderful Music Festival to Al Ain this month. As an avid music lover, it was so nice to have this type of event here in our wonderful city for the second year in a row and to have a little bit of the big city in our little oasis this past month. [more]
» How do you do it every month? My family and I still view ourselves as ‘newbies’ to the UAE, having only been here a few months. Prior to arriving, I had never known that Al Ain existed, let alone had so much going on. [more]
» I was delighted to read in your November magazine that the first organic shop has just opened in Al Ain and thanks for letting us know. This is something I have been hoping would happen since we came here to live two years ago. This will certainly save me my regular trips to specialist shops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai which, when factoring in the price of petrol for these journeys, adds to the price of my purchases. [more]
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